A free online guide to finding local, sustainable, organic food in the U.S. and Canada.
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praise for eat well guide

media acclaim

Dining with a clear conscience is easier than ever thanks to eatwellguide.org.
Body + Soul

Consumers looking for sustainably raised meat, fish, dairy and poultry can now use the Eat Well Guide.
San Francisco Chronicle

A comprehensive guide to organic and grass-fed meat and poultry.
The New York Times

Organic beef is not always easy to find? The Eat Well Guide can help.
Consumer Reports

It's hard to find a trustworthy source for naturally or sustainably raised meat - that's why we like the Eat Well Guide.
Sunset Magazine

A good source of information.
Ventura County Star

Where to find your best bird.
Health Magazine

Eat well and still have a clear conscience.
Seattle Weekly

enthusiastic farmers, restaurants, stores & consumers

I am so glad I found this site. I found several stores and restaurants in Vancouver that sell sustainably-raised meat, poultry and dairy products, and I will visit them soon with my full support. Providing a map makes the search even easier. Keep up the great work! You and your organization are providing an excellent service to the public.
Peter, Vancouver

Thank you to everyone for this opportunity. As struggling (isn't everyone) small-scale farmers trying to produce good quality, healthy food, it is sometimes hard to find avenues to get to consumers. We just don't have the resources of multi-nationals, so any opportunity to reach people is much appreciated and much needed.
Grant and Sarah, Ontario

Your website has certainly helped us connect with direct customers - and when we are asked for a product we cannot supply, we refer them to the Eat Well Guide!
Bob, Ontario

Thank you for the great work you do to support small family farms across the country. We are honored that you include Springfield Farm in your listing, not only as a show of support, but people in fact patronize our market as a result.
Dave, Maryland

Many people who've shopped at our store mention that they saw our info on the website. So we want to say we really appreciate the opportunity to list with you.
Mark and Cindy, Ontario

Thank you very much - your website is not only brilliant, but necessary.
James, Massachusetts

Your site is amazing. It is beautiful and just filled with great information and options. Bravo!!
Deborah, Pennsylvania

Thanks for getting this type of information online.
Mary, Minnesota

I was extremely impressed that I was able to enter my rural Canadian postal code in your shopping guide area and find a source of humanely raised, antibiotic free chicken.
Laura, Ontario

How special to not only acquire free-range meats and eggs but to also tour the farm. Our family was surprised and delighted by the warm reception to the farm. In addition to buying organic foods, free of hormones and antibiotics, we also saw firsthand how the baby chicks and lambs were raised. We look forward to continuing to support this family farm and are grateful that it is so convenient to our home.
Tom and Kathy, North Carolina

We appreciate the good work you are doing to connect conscientious consumers to good food sources.
Don, Ohio

Thanks for your help in spreading the word about products like ours to consumers.
Mindy, Minnesota

I'm impressed! You got my info up on your web site very quickly. Your web site is very attractive and professional. Thank you for including us.
Geo, Texas

We appreciate the good work you are doing to connect conscientious consumers to good food sources.
Don, Ohio

Thank you for putting together these programs to help consumers find good, healthy foods and the producers that raise them.
Bob, New York

Thanks so much for supporting the "little man".
Penny, Illinois

Thanks for being a wonderful resource for clean food.
Peter, New York

Thanks for listing us - it's encouraging to have broader organizing/educating efforts to expand our work.
Gale, Minnesota

Thank you so much for your hard work and keeping the word out that something better IS out there if you just look...
Natasha, Colorado