A free online guide to finding local, sustainable, organic food in the U.S. and Canada.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Eat Well Questions

Growing the Sustainable Food Movement

Guide Questions

      Q. What is Eat Well Guide?

      A. Eat Well Guide® is a free online database for finding fresh, locally grown and sustainably produced food in the United States and Canada. Listings range from stores, to farms, to restaurants, to local bakers and butchers, and visitors can search by location, keyword or category to find good food, download customized guides, or plan a trip with the innovative mapping tool Eat Well Everywhere. To learn more about the features of Eat Well Guide, visit our about the Guide page. To learn more about Eat Well program, visit our About Us page.

      Q. What is Eat Well Everywhere?

      A. Eat Well Everywhere is our interactive mapping feature for Eat Well’s thousands of listings of farms, markets, restaurants and other outlets of locally grown, sustainably produced food. You can use it to plan a trip, or map outlets in your area that sell local sustainably produced food. Eat Well Everywhere also allows you to create customized, printable travel guides, complete with driving directions and seasonal food charts.

      Q. What are your criteria for inclusion in Eat Well Guide? How do you determine whether or not an outlet should be listed?

      A. See our Eat Well Guide Standards page for details about the criteria for including listings in the Guide.

      Q. Why don't I see a certain outlet listed?

      A: Chances are we haven't heard of it – we need your help! If you know of an outlet that should be listed in Eat Well Guide, please fill out this online form, providing as much information as possible. We'll review your suggestion and add it to the Guide if it meets our criteria.

      Q. I entered my zip/postal code and clicked search, but didn't receive any results. Why?

      A. If you know of an outlet in your area that should be listed in Eat Well Guide, please fill out this online form, providing as much information as possible. We'll review your suggestion and add it to the Guide if it meets our criteria.

      Q. How do I suggest a listing for Eat Well Guide?

      A. If you know of a source in your area that should be listed in Eat Well Guide, please fill out our online Suggest a Listing form, providing as much information as possible. We'll review your suggestion and add it to the Guide if it meets our criteria.

      Q. Does it cost anything to use Eat Well Guide?

      A. No. We believe that access to local, sustainable food should be freely available to everyone – just like our Guide is.

      Q. Does it cost anything to be listed?

      A. No. There is no fee to be listed, or to submit information for listings. Our goal is simply to help create connections between producers and consumers.

      Q. How do you find listings to be included in Eat Well Guide?

      A. There are several ways:

      • Research: Our team is consistently looking for new local, sustainable food outlets to add.

      • User Suggestions: Eat Well Guide users keep our database up-to-date by suggesting new listings.

      • Partnerships: Eat Well Guide teams up with organizations across the United States and Canada to share listings. These organizations are our Partners.

      Q. While searching the guide, I noticed some retail outlets that offer industrially-produced food. Why are such establishments included?

      A. Eat Well Guide is an inclusive resource, meant to affect change in our food system by promoting even small steps toward sustainability. Our hope is that by directing consumers to sustainable products sold in otherwise conventional outlets, these vendors will be encouraged to sell more sustainable food as demand increases.

      Q. I tried to contact a vendor and the number was out of service/the website for a listing is no longer working/an entry in the Guide lists incorrect information. Who should I tell about this?

      A. If you find that information in a listing is incorrect, we want to know! Please follow the link at the bottom of the vendor’s listing page that reads “Report an error or a change” and use the contact form to alert us to the problem. Alternately, you can use the general contact form, or let us know via email at info[at]eatwellguide[dot]org.

      Q. What is an Eat Well search widget, and how do I embed one in my blog/website?

      A. Our Eat Well search widget is a small search box that you can embed on your homepage or in the sidebar of you blog by copying and pasting a block of html code from our Widgets page. The widget can perform keyword, city, state, and postal code searches of our entire database. It’s a great way to connect people to Eat Well Guide and show your support for local, sustainable food. To choose from our different designs and get the code for the one you like, visit our Widgets page. If you’re having trouble embedding your widget, please Contact Us for technical assistance.

      Q. Why should I become a member of Eat Well Guide?

      A. Membership gives you access to members-only Eat Well Guide tools. Members can:

      • Save listings, recipes and notes in My Notebook.

      • Use Create-a-Guide to save your customized search results as downloadable PDF files, complete with driving directions and seasonal food charts.

      • Subscribe to our online newsletter and other updates (optional).

      Q. What is My Notebook?

      A. My Notebook is a personal space for members to save listings, recipes, articles, and notes.

      Q. Does membership cost anything?

      A. No. Membership is free for everyone.

      Q. Will Eat Well share my information with third parties?

      A. No. We will not trade or disclose any information you send to any third parties, nor will we ever sell or give email lists to any other organization or group. For more information, read our Privacy Policy.

      Q. How do I get started?

      A. Visit our Sign Up page. Welcome aboard!

      Q. I can’t remember my password, what should I do?

      A. Enter your email address here and we’ll resend your password.

Cultivating the Web Questions

      Q. What is Cultivating the Web: High Tech Tools for the Sustainable Food Movement?

      A. Bridging the gap between grassroots and netroots activism, Cultivating the Web: High Tech Tools for the Sustainable Food Movement is a free educational booklet designed to help people use the internet to effect social change and map out a route to a more sustainable food system. Cultivating the Web highlights the best web resources for foodies, farmers and activists, and details some of the most innovative and effective ways that new media is being leveraged to create social change. To learn more about Cultivating the Web, click here.

      Q. How can I get free copies of the booklet Cultivating the Web?

      A. Want to hand out Cultivating the Web at your next event? Request free books at info[at]eatwellguide[dot]org or call 212-991-1858. Visit our Cultivating the Web page to download a printable PDF version of the booklet.

Eat Well Questions

      Q. How can I support Eat Well Guide ?

      A. Thank you for your interest in supporting us! Please help us by spreading the word about Eat Well Guide to friends and family. Click here to learn about ways to get involved – from requesting materials to share with your community, to partnering with us to expand the Guide, to hosting our search widget on your blog or home page.

      Q. How is Eat Well Guide funded?

      A. Eat Well Guide is privately funded.

      Q. What does it mean to be a partner of Eat Well Guide?

      A. We have teamed up with a dynamic array of nonprofit organizations to bring consumers the most up-to-date and comprehensive resources for sustainable farms, stores and other outlets for local, sustainable food in the U.S. and Canada. Our Partners share their listings and are promoted by Eat Well Guide. It is our aim to support the efforts of other groups through collaborative partnerships, and to create a vibrant community of food sustainability advocates. Click here to learn more about our partnerships.

      Q. Who are Eat Well Guide's partners?

      A. Visit our Community page to see a complete list of our partners.

      Q. How can my organization become  a partner?

      A. If you are interested in partnering with Eat Well Guide, email us at info[at]eatwellguide[dot]org with the subject line “Partnership.” We look forward to collaborating with you!

      Q. Can I work for Eat Well Guide?

      A. Eat Well is always seeking volunteers throughout the United States and Canada who are interested in food issues and would like to increase their research, writing, and communications skills. Click here to view the full volunteer description.

      Q. How do I receive updates about upcoming Eat Well Guide projects?

      A. Become a Member to subscribe to our newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time. You can also connect with Eat Well on Facebook – we’ll keep you up to date on our latest projects!

      Q. How can I contact Eat Well?

      A. You can submit questions, comments, ideas or suggestions online through our Contact Form.

      Tel: 212-991-1858
      Fax: 212-726-9160

      Mailing Address:

      GRACE Communications Foundation
      Attn: Eat Well Guide
      215 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1001
      New York, NY 10016


      Q. Where can I learn more about the sustainable food movement?

      A. Check out Sustainable Table’s Issues page to learn more about the consequences of industrial food systems on the environment, economy, local communities, and human health. For vegetarian recipes and information about the environmental and health benefits of reduced meat diets, explore Meatless Monday. For information about water scarcity and water conservation, check out Food & Water Watch and GRACE Water Program.

      Q. I didn’t find my answer here. Where else can I get help?

      A. If we didn’t cover your question here, Contact Us and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.