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Mike and Elsa Betit, Farmers, Tamarack Hollow Farm
South Wheelock, Vermont

“Vegetarians turned pig farmers.” A phrase that encapsulates the lives of Mike and Elsa Betit, owners of Tamarack Hollow Farm, a farm which specializes in pasture-raised meats.

In 2001, at the suggestion of their neighbors, the vegetarian couple decided to raise two pigs on their newly purchased land. Over the course of their first year they gave away the majority of their meat to family and friends. The following year when a group of friends asked them to raise more meat (the pork was that good!), they decided to buy ten pigs, then thirty pigs, then fifty pigs. Currently, they are up to about five hundred pigs a year and have expanded to pastured chickens, turkeys and sheep.

Subsequently, the Betits became meat-eaters and they have adopted the highest standards for raising their pork. By choosing to practice sustainable farming techniques, such as limiting the number of animals raised to preserve each animal’s quality of life, promoting pasture foraging and open air roaming, and using organic grain to feed their animals; the Betits have an established philosophy behind their farm that continues to produce some of the best pork, lamb and poultry one can buy. The Betits’ love for the small farm philosophy and lifestyle has maintained Tamarack Hollow Farm. Mike and Elsa know that all buyers should have the assurance that they are consuming the best products available--and that is what they strive to deliver.

From certified organic kielbasa and sweet Italian sausages to marbled pig shoulders and chops, consumers have a plethora of choices, all which will elicit mouth-watering satisfaction. Tamarack Hollow Farm sells their meats at the Greenmarket in New York City as well as at markets throughout Vermont during the week. They also offer a ten-month, all meat CSA program that delivers throughout northern New England, and mail order is seasonally available.

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Interview by: Rebecca Stack and Chelsea Miller

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