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Quattro's Game Farm

107 Tinkertown Road
Pleasant Valley, NY 12569
Tel. 845-635-2018
Joyce Quattro

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Quattro's Farm has been a family run business since 1942. Carmella Quattrociocchi ran the farm with her mother while her husband Frank ran the farm store. They took pride in raising their birds and always offered their customers the finest quality poultry.

Today, along with her sons, Sal and Frank, the Quattro's continue that tradition of raising the finest quality poultry and game meats in the Hudson Valley. Our birds are raised with great care and given the finest quality feeds such as wheat, oats, barley, rye, alfalfa and corn. The processing of our birds is done on our farm by us. Being a producer of the highest quality meat birds, both wild and domestic, as well as various waterfowl such as ducks and geese, and also deer, planning diets for them is a daily job for us. We feed #2 shelled corn (which is the highest quality available), oats and wheat (the same as human cereals and the most expensive), also minor grains such as buckwheat. To boost the protein of our feed here at Quattro's we add various amounts of soybeans and no animal (beef or otherwise) by-products. No hormones or antibiotics are fed of any kind.

We at Quattro's take great pride in the quality of the meat we produce. Since we use the best feeds, there is no question that the meat we sell exceeds the highest standards. Regardless of the costs involved we can not make compromises. Hey, profits be damned. Our family's commitment to quality has been going on since the early 1900's. Also we love the animals we produce.

Products are available from Quattro's Country Store, the Rhinebeck Farmer's Market, and the Union Square farmers' market in New York City.

Products and Production Methods:

Chicken - No Added Hormones, No Antibiotic Use, 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed, Cage Free, Free Range or Roaming
Turkey - 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed, No Added Hormones, Free Range or Roaming, Cage Free, No Antibiotic Use
Venison - Non Confined, No Antibiotic Use, 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed, Grass Fed and Grain Supplement, No Added Hormones, Pasture Raised

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