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Slowpoke Farm

6309 FM 569
Cisco, TX 76437
Tel. 254-725-4084
Kerry and Joy Hedges

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"Just a traditional, old-fashioned farm." That's how farmer Kerry Hedges describes Slowpoke Farm, a sustainable operation located just south of Cisco between Forth Worth and Abilene. Built on diversified and balanced production of clean, healthy food, Slowpoke features pasture-raised animals, including lambs, chickens, and cattle, and a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.

Everything at Slowpoke is raised and sold from the farm and at the Abilene Farmers' Market (every Saturday). Throughout the growing season customers can get any number of chemical free, market veggies from the farm, such as squash, peppers, okra, tomatoes, and much more.

The lambs and cattle are entirely pasture-raised and feast on a diet of grasses from start to finish. They're never fed grain. Meats should be available year-round, although the lamb is in high demand and is only sold via waiting list, so be sure to inquire. Beef is generally provided by the pound in a range of cuts; steaks, roasts, etc., although ground beef (sold in 1lb. packs) may be the only thing available at certain points throughout the year. As Hedges says, "individual cuts are available when we have them. We don't cheat; we just take what Mother Nature gives us."

Products and Production Methods:

Beef - 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed, Grass Fed, No Added Hormones, No Antibiotic Use, Non Confined, Organic Non-certified
Chicken - No Added Hormones, Cage Free, 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed, No Antibiotic Use, Pasture Raised, Organic Non-certified
Eggs - Pasture Raised, Organic Non-certified, No Added Hormones, No Antibiotic Use, Cage Free, 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed
Lamb - No Antibiotic Use, Non Confined, No Added Hormones, Grass Fed, 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed, Pasture Raised

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