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Chicken Little Farm

15 Ward Street
Ipswich, MA 01938
Tel. 978-500-9131
Cole Desmond
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More Information

Sitting just a couple miles away from Crane Beach, Massachusetts, Chicken Little Farm is a small, 10-acre farm focused on providing consumers with a local food source.

We raise chicken, ducks, and broilers on our farm. Chicken Little Farm is an agricultural enterprise dedicated to bringing you professional products, while never compromising the health of the bird. Along with greens found in the fields, our birds are fed a grain to supplement their diet.

Our Pastured Turkeys spend the majority of their life scratching up dirt, pecking through the green grass, and most importantly, being a turkey. By pasturing our turkeys, we are able to produce a beautiful, great-tasting product.

Products and Production Methods:

Chicken - No Antibiotic Use, 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed, Cage Free, Free Range or Roaming, Heritage, No Added Hormones, No Routine Antibiotic Use, Pasture Raised, Organic Non-certified
Eggs - Pasture Raised, Non Confined, No Antibiotic Use, No Added Hormones, Heritage, Free Range or Roaming, 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed
Turkey - Non Confined, No Routine Antibiotic Use, No Antibiotic Use, Heritage, 100 Percent Vegetarian Feed, Pasture Raised

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