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Gourmet Garage


About Gourmet Garage

Gourmet Garage was founded in 1981, originally as Flying Foods, a wholesaler serving the great restaurants of New York City and other city centers around the U.S. The company imported and distributed fresh seafood, game, organic and specialty fruits and vegetables, and hard to find grocery items to the chefs of fine restaurants nationwide.

In 1992, they opened our Soho warehouse to the public on a daily basis after the restaurant deliveries had been completed. Neighborhood residents and home chefs would stream in looking for the same superb quality fresh ingredients that the chefs of the city were using, and before long Gourmet Garage was born.

They currently have five stores in Manhattan neighborhood locations, all devoted to the same quality and variety standards set by our original demanding chef clientele. They hope to see you soon at one of their Gourmet Garage stores where you can... SHOP LIKE A CHEF!

155 W. 66th St. , New York, NY, 10023



7:00 AM-9:00 PM


7:00 AM-9:00 PM


7:00 AM-9:00 PM


7:00 AM-9:00 PM


7:00 AM-9:00 PM


7:00 AM-9:00 PM


7:00 AM-9:00 PM

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