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Erewhon Natural Foods

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About Erewhon Natural Foods

Erewhon Natural Foods is committed to bringing local and organic produce from farm to table for their customers and to setting the standard for the highest quality ingredients possible. They support the Non-GMO Project and other efforts to ensure that the prevalence of genetically modified food is curtailed.

It is their policy to supply products free of artificial preservatives, synthetic pesticides, ripening agents, growth hormones, irradiation, fumigants, fungicides or other additives. They support sustainable agricultural practices, provide 100% organic produce, and do their best to screen out genetically-modified and irradiated foods.

Their stores carry organic butters, cheeses, raw milks, yogurts, baby foods, dairy substitutes, like hemp, rice, flax, soy, and almond milks, soy and rice cheeses, coconut butter and more. You can find superfoods, fermented foods, microbiotics, many kinds of kombuchas and coconut waters, a large number of organic and herbal teas, a wide range of organic cooking oils, an exciting number of vinegars, honeys and wines. Erewhon also carry eco-friendly cleaners and other household products.

7660 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90036



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