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Better Burger


About Better Burger

Better Burger's mission is to go the extra mile to make sure everything that goes into your mouth comes from the finest and most natural sources.

Better Burger beef, chicken, turkey, and ostrich are antibiotic, hormone, and nitrate free (organic where specified). The burgers and dogs are made from 100% meat, poultry or fish; there are no fillers, whatsoever. The majority of the burgers are lower in fat and calories than the "big boys". Fries are organic, air-baked, and have 2/3 less fat than the "big boys".

While most of the menu is reduced in fat, at times, flavor demands the fat be kept in. Yet, Better Burger uses only the highest quality expeller pressed extra virgin olive and canola oils, non-hydrogenated/trans-fat free butter substitute or reduced-fat vegan mayonnaise. The buns are all-natural too (no artificial preservatives, ingredients or refined sugar).

Home-made beverages are prepared with fresh juices, multi-filtered water and are fruit juice sweetened. Finally, the smoothies and snacks are made with at least 85% organic ingredients.

178 8th Ave., New York, NY, 10011




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