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Carolina Farm Stewardship Association


About Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA) is a membership-based organization of more than 750 farmers, processors, gardeners, businesses, organizations and individuals in North and South Carolina who are committed to creating a sustainable agricultural system through the development and promotion of local and organic farms and distribution systems. CFSA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization governed by a diverse 15-member Board of Directors. Mission & Vision: CFSA's mission is to support and expand local and organic agriculture in the Carolinas by inspiring, educating and organizing farmers and consumers. CFSA's vision of the future is that healthy and thriving communities of farmers and consumers in the Carolinas are supported by local and organic agricultural systems that are environmentally responsible, economically sound, and socially just.

Services & Activities: CFSA provides support for local and organic food systems through promotion and marketing assistance to members; education and advocacy efforts; and information sharing and networking. This is accomplished through several means, including the bi-monthly membership newsletter Stewardship News, our website, regional Farm Tours, regional Organic Growers' and Gardeners' Schools, Consumer Guides to Local and Organic Food, the Annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference, active regional chapters, an annual Membership Directory, Apprentice Referral Service, Elementary School Sustainable Gardening Curriculum, organic certification education, policy advocacy at the local and national level, research on marketing and production of organic crops, public and media outreach, coalition-building with like-minded organizations and businesses, and technical assistance to farmers. In addition we are coordinating the development of an organic seed network in the southeastern US.

935 Main St., Columbia, SC, 29201


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