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Prather Ranch Meat Company


About Prather Ranch Meat Company

The Prather Ranch Meat Company works with small, local ranchers and farmers to offer sustainably-raised meats that are of the highest quality anywhere. At the shop, we sell beef from the Prather Ranch and other meats such as lamb, heritage pork, bison, and vitellone (free-range "veal") from a handful of other sustainable farms and ranches. Customers can rest assured that all of the meats come from animals that are raised in humane environments where health and environmental stewardship are held in the highest regard. They roam on pasture and are never given antibiotics, hormones, animal by-products, or GMOs. They also operate a grill as part of the Farmer's Market featuring several of our meats, including buffalo tacos. Known by many as the best burger joint in San Francisco, you can find us grilling a variety of our fine meats under the Ferry Building Clocktower. Their takeout eatery operates on a new model for food on the fly: honest chow that’s sustainably and humanely raised. Adding prepared dishes alongside the meat shop helps us better support our partner ranchers and farmers. American Eatery - enjoy PRMC’s meat in many ways from juicy burgers to classic sandwiches. Hours: Monday – Friday 10am to 3pm Saturday 8am to 4pm Sunday 9am to 5pm
One Ferry Bldg., Shop 33, San Francisco, CA, 94111






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