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Hulsman Ranch


About Hulsman Ranch

Perhaps the most appropriate word to describe Hulsman Ranch would be continuity. The ranch has been in the same family since 1862; ownership can be traced through Hannah Tangeman's mother all the way back to her great-grandfather. This same theme of continuity can be applied to the animals as well. In keeping with a true closed system, or as Hannah calls it "a continuous chain," all of the sheep and cattle are born and raised on the farm. Nothing, aside from the occasional bull for breeding, is brought in from off-site.

Not much has changed since the ranch's founding. The animals are raised in much the same way as they would have been over a century ago “out on pasture, feasting on their natural diet of native grasses." In the winter, they even eat hay produced on the ranch. They are never fed grain and are never supplemented with hormones or antibiotics.

Grass-fed beef and lamb are available for purchase from farmers' markets in Quincy (Thursdays, 5pm to 8pm) and Susanville (Saturdays, 8am to noon). The meat is sold frozen and vacuum packed in a wide variety of cuts from steaks to roasts to stew meats to just about anything else you can think of. Customers are welcome to place special orders.

P.O. Box 850, Susanville, CA, 96130


Call or visit website for hours.

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