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Lunny Ranch


About Lunny Ranch

Kevin Lunny grew up on the 1,500 acre ranch on the Pt. Reyes peninsula that he now shares with his parents Joe and Joan, wife Nancy and their teenage triplets. Back then it was a dairy, and Kevin, his two brothers and three sisters began working with cows as soon as they could walk. In the 1970's Mr. Lunny Sr. converted the operation from dairy to beef, switching from milk to meat production. However, during the 1980's and '90s when economic pressures began squeezing the beef industry, the family was almost forced to leave the ranch.

Then, just a few years ago, Kevin decided to take a chance and convert the herd to grass-fed and organic. Today, Lunny Ranch holds the largest acreage of organic pasture in Marin County. In order to diversify his operation, he also planted 5 acres of artichokes, the very kind that used to grow in that region before it became a National Park.

Lunny Ranch's organic beef is sold at the Point Reyes Farmers Market, as well as directly from the Ranch. Call for more information about pricing and availability. Orders can be picked up at the ranch, or shipping can be arranged.

17171 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Inverness, CA, 94937


Call or visit website for hours.

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