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Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen



About Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen

Lucky 32 features a seasonal menu of selections, fitting "New World" American regional, ethnic or seasonal themes. You'll feel comfortable dressed casually, duded up for a business meeting, or decked out for a date. And for those times when you're busy and can't wait for a table, Lucky 32 offers Call-Ahead Seating and Reservations (though reservations are not always necessary). When the weather is pleasant, dine outdoors at all of their restaurants. For many years Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen has been exploring ways to bring the freshest, most flavorful foods to its guests while considering the triple bottom line of profit, environmental sensitivity and social responsibility. To these ends, they purchase meats and seafood differently, as well as using more and more local produce and artisan-made food products. They hope this initiative will have long-lasting effects that extend through-out the community. Partnered with local farmers who handpick their produce on just a couple acres, as well as larger companies that supply some of the best restaurants in the country with top quality ingredients, the team behind Lucky 32 has long believed that the nearer the farm to the fork, the better the flavor.

7307 Tryon Rd., Cary, NC, 27518




11:00 AM-10:00 PM


11:15 AM-10:00 PM


11:15 AM-10:00 PM


11:15 AM-10:00 PM


11:15 AM-10:00 PM


11:15 AM-11:00 PM


11:15 AM-11:00 PM

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