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Hearts Content Farm


About Hearts Content Farm

Hearts Content Farm is a 110 acre organic farm located 25 miles east of Pittsburgh in Westmoreland County. We have grass fed Barbados X Dorper lambs and ewes available. Both breeds are excellent grazers and browsers and are also of excellent meat quality. The ewes have strong maternal characteristics and are capable of lambing on pasture and adapting to different climates. Our open field and naturally wooded pastures are a perfect match for our hair breeds of sheep that originated in South Africa. We prefer to sell whole lambs and on average carcasses have been weighing 40-65 pounds. They are available from September to December, so order enough to get through the year. Please pre-order to allow us some time to accommodate your needs. Also, tanning of sheep hides is available upon request. If you have any questions please feel free to email us.
552 Koontz Road, New Alexandria, PA, 15670


Call or visit website for hours.

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