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Laura Lane Lambs


About Laura Lane Lambs

Lamb for your freezer, $175/hd includes butchering. Ewes for your pasture. Price depending on weight/breeding status. Unbleached, undyed yarn, machine processed, $3/oz. Jelly for your pantry. Our butcher lambs are grass/hay fed, and are given 1/3C of corn/oat/soy as a treat. Okay, as a bribe to get them to come into the barn. Cheviot is a smaller breed, and they have dressed out at between 35 and 60 pounds at 10 months; package weight is about 1/3 less. This means between $5 and $7 per pound. Butcher lambs available from late fall while supplies last. Our cheviot ewes were bred to be independent and need almost no assistance in lambing -- and they resent it when we try! Perfect for a do-it-yourself flock of lawn mowers. Ewes available from after weaning until early-winter. Our wool is sheared annually by a local shearer and processed by Stonehedge Fiber Mill in East Jordan MI -- a small, family farm-run fiber processing mill. No dyes or bleaches are used, no chemical softeners or perfumed soaps. Cheviot wool washes off-white, not dingy gray. Our jellies are made from the mint patch behind our garage, apples and mulberries from our own trees, and fresh strawberries mostly from Michigan u-pick farms. Elderberries are wild-picked. Each batch made on the kitchen stove just the way Grandma did it - well, MY Grandma, anyway. A note on the farm itself: We started with a 5AC "yard" that I couldn't mow, so we built a barn, fenced in the back 2+AC and got a horse. He nibbled and the new pasture got overgrown. So we refenced and got 3 ewes and a ram. They keep it down. We're now up to 5 breeding ewes and our ram, and are enjoying the heck out of it. Because we're so small we can call ourselves "organic", but the truth of the matter is, to be NON-organic would mean we'd have to buy chemicals and apply them ... and that's just too much like work. Not to mention, we don't want to spend the money. They eat the grass, that's all we want. They get bigger and hairier, that's what you want. Coming soon: Our own blackberries for blackberry jelly and black-apple jelly - incredibly good. Our own blueberries for whatever we can do with them. Hazelnuts for same.
7437 Laura Lane, Edwardsville, IL, 62025


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