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Full O' Life


About Full O' Life

Over 40 years ago, Barney and Kay Matheson began their pioneering work in the health food industry. Their goal was to make available to the public a complete nutrition center and in June of 1959, they opened Full O' Life natural foods supermarket and restaurant. It was one of the first modern, up-to-the-minute natural food centers in the west. The market offered the largest selection of health grocery items, naturally produced dairy products and meats, supplements, and cosmetics. The most important feature of Full O' Life was the produce section where organically-grown fruits and vegetables were brought in daily from certified organic farms throughout Southern California. This unique service made the Mathesons famous in the field of health foods, and brought to the residents of Burbank and other nearby cities the first operation of its kind. Today Full O' Life remains a contemporary and innovative business, continually growing and improving over the years. In the restaurant, the food has always been hand prepared, using the freshest natural ingredients. It is our purpose to provide you with the healthiest and most nutritious home cooked foods possible. Fresh fruits and vegetables are used as long as they are available. The chicken and turkey we serve is naturally raised from Shelton Farms, with no chemicals, hormones or additives. Our homemade desserts are fresh baked daily, without the use of sugar or white flour.
2515 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA, 91505






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