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Brickhouse Cafe


About Brickhouse Cafe

Home of the "Big Ass Burger"! Brickhouse Cafe began over 10 years ago as a small coffee bar in the SOMA district. As the lines grew longer and the neighborhood flourished, it became apparent that coffee alone was not enough. There was a demand for a comfortable space that provided quality yet reasonably priced food... so we evolved. Since then we've grown into an eclectic café with tasty and affordable comfort food. Brickhouse Cafe is run by founder, Fred Reeves, along with co-owner, Kim Kobasic. Our executive chef, Carlos Maldonado, keeps busy personalizing our consistently fresh and wholesome menu of American comfort food. The rustic, cozy and unpretentious atmosphere offers a reprieve from an often stylized, aloof and fusion-obsessed environment. Our beef is all natural and provided by Fred's family farm in eastern Washington. Our wild Sockeye Salmon is caught directly by Fred, who makes an annual pilgrimage to Bristol Bay, Alaska. Our salmon is offered both freshly grilled and house-smoked, in a variety of ways. We are now serving imported Bavarian Beer from breweries dating over 1000 years old, tasted and selected by the owners. The bar at Brickhouse stays open past the kitchen hours, depending on business.
426 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA, 94107






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