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Sweet Deliverance NYC


About Sweet Deliverance NYC

Leave it to Sweet Deliverance to bring the best in freshly prepared foods to your table. Unique and delicious food made from hand-selected, local, choice produce. Brought to your residence on a weekly basis.

Where else can you find a home-delivery service whose speciality is picking up fresh, organic veggies and more from the farm, preparing them in a commercial kitchen and then delivering them to your door.

Sweet Deliverance mainly sources from Garden of Eve Farms, one of the largest organic farms on Long Island, and gets its organic meats from Hawthorne Valley Farms.

CSA contracts are available for 24 or 12 weeks during the summer and 8 or 16 weeks in the winter. Prices vary depending on chosen ingredients and quantity.

New York City, New York, NY, 10007


Call or visit website for hours.

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