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Fox Run Produce and Education Center


About Fox Run Produce and Education Center

At Fox Run Produce and Education Center we strive to maintain harmony with our environment in all things we do. We use sustainable organic farming methods, treating our land like a living organism. We do not use petroleum products or man-made chemicals on our plants. By using farm produced compost, leaf and bark mulch we maintain optimum plant nutrition which means more nutritious food for ourselves, our animals and you our customer. We raise heritage livestock on fresh pasture and a natural healthy lifestyle. We use non-GMO natural feeds to supplement their diet and hay in winter when the pasture is sparse. Our produce and meats are available through our CSA. Education is the cornerstone of our business. We offer onsite classes and workshops on self sufficiency, alternative energy and organic gardening as well as participating in community education projects. We host interns, offer weekend intensives and work with local high schools and colleges to promote agricultural and environmental programs.
P.O. Box 174, Falmouth, KY, 41040


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