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Woodbridge Farm


About Woodbridge Farm

Woodbridge Farm, located in rural southeastern Connecticut, is committed to pursuing sustainable agriculture, loving the land, plants, and animals, and learning from the wisdom of nature. Woodbridge Farm has 30 acres of open fields embedded in forest and wetland areas that are full of diverse wildlife. The wildlife, nearby plants, and the farm are mutually enlivened by the biodynamic practices we use. The proximity to these natural ecosystems allows us to benefit from and enhance a healthy environmental balance. Our cattle are rare and beautiful red Milking Devons, with horns. The most popular colonial breed because of its triple purpose usefulness, it is now endangered. It is renowned for its rich creamy milk, its fine beef, and its willingness as a draught animal. The farm produces beef and plans to have a creamery selling a variety of cheeses in 2009. Unlike today’s high performance specialized breeds, Milking Devons do extremely well on a simple diet of rich pastures and good hay, composed of a high diversity of grasses, clovers, and herbs. They only receive natural kelp, salt, and small amounts of minerals added as supplements to their lush salad grass, derived from enriched soil, pasture rotation, and regular composting methods. Woodbridge Farm also raises heritage poultry and pigs . These animals are fed only organic grain, supplemented by open pasture rotation for the birds, and woodland runs for the pigs. We raise fine heritage breeds of turkeys and chickens that follow the cattle in the pasture rotation pens when they reach the pullet stage. The fowl prepare the pasture for a new cycle of growth with their scratching and stimulation of the ground and plants, reducing the need for mowing and harrowing with a tractor. We are using the advanced biodynamic holistic methods of farming which provide high nutritional values to pastures and crops by re-enlivening the soil and following the natural cycles of the earth.
30 Woodbridge Road, Salem, CT, 06420


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