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Marin Roots


About Marin Roots

Jesse Kuhn is one of Marin Organic's youngest growers. Farming only a few years, he has already established himself as a reliable source of tender baby lettuces with names like red velvet, tango, freckles and little gem. He also grows red, yellow and orange carrots, radishes, turnips, onions and lots of garlic, all of which he sells at farmers markets and restaurants around the Bay Area. He is always pushing the boundaries of interesting and new products that chefs are sure to enjoy.Jesse farms on 10 acres behind the Volpi goat ranch on Pt. Reyes-Petaluma Road which he found by putting an ad in the paper. He got a whole bunch of responses but he chose this particular piece of land because it had plenty of water and was close to markets and restaurants. It also had really healthy looking weeds and he knew that was a good sign. This is the kind of thing he learned from his grandmother, who always nurtured and encouraged the volunteers that sprouted up in her garden. Inspired by her, he studied agriculture at Humboldt State University. With what we've seen him do in the last two years, we're all looking forward to seeing what he's done by the time he's 40.
PO Box 133, Woodacre , CA, 94973


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