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Toby's Feed Barn


About Toby's Feed Barn

"If you're good to people, then they're good to you, and that pays off in the long run," says Toby Giacomini, who started Toby's Feed Barn in 1942. Both his son, Chris, and grandson, Nick, continue Toby's tradition in Point Reyes by servicing not only the agricultural community, but also everyone else in the area. The Feed Barn continues to specialize in high quality feed and pet supplies. But that is only the start. Chris goes out of his way to include local organic food, high quality garden supplies, local, handmade children's clothing, local jams, pickles and grass-pastured eggs in his inventory, along with a rich offering of community involvement and support. Each Saturday during the summer, Chris opens up Toby's to host the Point Reyes Farmers Market, providing space, facilities and resources to create one of Marin's most compelling market experiences. Toby's is also the site for a thriving community garden, a recycling center, an art gallery, a garden shop, a kids' room and Yoga Toes Studio run by Nick and his wife, Amanda. Toby's also hosts a number of community events and fundraisers like the Festival of Lights and Cinco de Mayo. Both Nick and Chris grew up at the Feed Store and have nurtured deep roots in the community. They have passed this dedication and loyalty on to a faithful crew of 15 years: Oscar, Salvador, Laura and Greta. Farm families here in Marin can be large and sprawling. The Giacomini family has produced historic farms in West Marin as well as a county supervisor, Toby's Feed Barn, and Toby's Hay and Feed. The farm and community connections that are kept vigorous through Toby's Feed Barn are priceless and an example of what the preservation of local agriculture means to us and everyone who comes after us.
11250 Hwy. 1, Point Reyes Station, CA, 94956



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