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Prairie Harvest Farm


About Prairie Harvest Farm

Prairie Harvest Farm comprises ten acres and is located roughly two miles south of Ellendale. The site consists of a farmhouse, shop, machine shed, grain bins, and an old dairy barn that has seen better days. The farm is currently home to Jeff and Amy, two dogs (Bandit and Buster), a horse (Sonny), heritage chickens, and honey bees. The gardens consist of an acre and a half of vegetables, herbs, melons, and small grains for the chickens. The primary outlet for this produce is the CSA (in its third year in 2011). This season I'll be discontinuing farmers' market sales in order to focus more fully upon the CSA. Additionally, I'll be growing for a couple of wholesale accounts. Prairie Harvest Farm is a working farm; therefore member families are welcome to visit the farm on festival days only. Farming is our passion, but also our livelihood; so we need to stay focused on the tasks at hand, rather than breaking up work days to host visitors. We will have a fall harvest festival in September. Event dates will be posted in advance in your weekly newsletters. There may be opportunities to visit the farm on designated ‘volunteer’ days during the season. Any such days will be noted in our newsletter and will be a chance to spend time at the farm and help with the harvesting. Prairie Harvest Farm is not certified organic. While the label ‘organic’ does carry clout, we don’t feel it a necessary step at this point. We do not use herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We sell directly to our customers through our CSA and at local farmers’ markets. We don’t feel that a label is necessary when you know your farmer personally, can visit the farm, and know how your food is being grown.
78513 340th St., Ellendale, MN, 56026


Call or visit website for hours.

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