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Locavore Food Distributors


About Locavore Food Distributors

Locavore Food Distributors pioneers a broad vision to promote local agricultural interests in many ways. By working directly with farmers, food processors and other food interests, our aim is to market their food items to a customer base that includes grocery stores, restaurants, resorts, schools and other food service establishments in a safe and consistent manner. Every purchase through Locavore Food Distributors provides a value and commitment to a local community that yields economic opportunity, job creation and best of all, a sense of local identity that can be found in no other way. At Locavore Food Distributors we source our products from reputable, established growers, both big and small, that are willing to supply the local food chain. It’s our thought that local foods can be more competitive, more nutritious and more lucrative for those that choose to buy locally. Locavore Food Distributors maintains standards with the growers and food producers through the entire distribution process. Our product guide only includes what is available locally, with emphasis towards transparency. Our customers will always be assured that the products they buy come from local sources and where the products were produced. As one of our growers put it, “the last crop any farmer ever wants to plant are more houses.” Locavore Food Distributors can change this through opportunity, identity and transparency. Our mission is to provide the link from the farms, food producers and others to their local community. Our local communities benefit greatly when purchases of locally produced foods are made – the key is distribution. And our model sustains the distribution chain, the value chain, and the food supply chain in many different ways. All the best, is always local! Eric Hahn President Locavore Food Distributors, Inc
1321 Watson, Detroit, MI, 48207


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