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Neversink Farm


About Neversink Farm

We are in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains on the floor of Neversink river valley. We have 20 acres of mixed woods and pasture, with the Neversink River flowing through the middle. Here we strive towards sustainable human scale agriculture. Our farm grew out of our passion for food, a healthy environment and our interest in animal welfare. We endeavor to produce the highest quality food ethically and sustainably. To create the best tasting food possible, we turn out small yields of incredibly varied foodstuffs that allow us to focus on the quality of each crop. We produce honey, vegetables, fruits, transplants, eggs, poultry and trout. This wide variety helps to build the circle of sustainability on a small farm. We believe that anyone that has access to a small plot can grow their own food and to that end we provide classes throughout the season geared to beginners and hobbyists in gardening, greenhouse growing, beekeeping, and raising poultry.
635 Claryville Rd., Claryville, NY, 12725


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