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Clover Creek Farm

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About Clover Creek Farm

Chris Wilson raises AWA-certified meat sheep at Clover Creek Farm, near Jonesborough in the hills of northeast Tennessee. Chris grew up on a small farm and has been living on a farm ever since. As a child, Chris said she “grew up thinking everyone had a cow.” Her extensive farming experience, combined with a keen interest in sustainable agriculture, has made Chris a respected leader in the field. In 1999, Chris was named Conservation Farmer of the Year in Washington County, Tennessee – the only woman to ever receive the title. Together, Chris, her husband, Ray, their daughter, Sarah, her husband Micah, and their son Isaac, run Clover Creek Farm using rotational grazing practices for their flock of Katahdin/Dorper cross hair sheep. Lambs are allowed to wean naturally and are finished on grass. “We selectively breed our sheep for natural parasite resistance and optimum muscle quality,” Chris explains. “This enables us to offer superior breeding stock, as well as lamb cuts with all the health benefits of grass-finished meat.” As well as managing the farm, Sarah is a registered nurse and works in the afternoons and on weekends. When asked why the Wilsons decided to join the AWA program, Chris said, “I have seen so many inhumane ways of raising animals and no one knows how their food is raised. With the AWA label people know how the product was produced, and that kind of sets you apart. I’m proud of how I farm and I want my customers to recognize that I’ve gone that extra step in raising my animals.” AWA-certified lamb is available for local collection and by mail order – for further details call (423) 753-2223 or email [email protected]. For more information about Clover Creek Farm, visit
529 Harmony Road, Jonesborough, TN, 37659


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