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Kilmarnock Farm

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About Kilmarnock Farm

Kilmarnock Farm, located in central New York State, was established by Mark Babilonia and Cheryl Loe in 2006. They reclaimed and returned to production a small piece of land—formerly part of a very large diversified farming operation—in an area of Otsego County where dairy was king until the mid-20th century. After making the necessary upgrades to the outbuildings and fencing, they brought in two registered Jersey dairy heifers. Today Mark and Cheryl keep dairy cattle which are being raised according to AWA standards. From their farm, they are supplying members of their local community with vegetables, maple syrup, and they are producing a variety of Animal Welfare Approved dairy products from their fresh, raw milk, including yogurt, butter, and fresh and aged cheeses. Employing a holistic approach where nothing is wasted, the pasture is grazed, and where natural compost from the animals’ bedded packs is put to use on the tillable land, makes farming fulfilling for Mark and Cheryl, as well as sustainable. “There is a renewed interest among consumers to know where their food comes from and how it was produced. We know our customers appreciate what the Animal Welfare Approved label stands for,” says Mark, “because it’s a signal they are getting products from a farm that meets more meaningful standards—ones that stop the loss of productive farmland and promote farming practices that lead to a healthy environment.” Dairy products from Kilmarnock Farm are available by appointment direct from the farm.
1429 County Hwy 4, Otego, NY, 13825


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