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Fable Farms


About Fable Farms

Fable Farm is a certified organic diversified vegetable, herb and flower CSA farm located in Barnard, Vermont. Out of the loam-rich pastured hills of Bowman Road Farm- the oldest farm in Barnard history--comes a partnership that has sprouted in faith between elder Joe LaDouceur (owner of Bowman Road Farm) and two brothers Christopher and Jon Piana. We at Fable Farm recognize the potency of developing community relations through the growing and distribution of food and through the increased involvement of consumers. We want to provide more than a face for those who eat the food we grow, but to build positive relationships and a thriving local culture of food, as well as provide an arena for people to share their stories. Our CSA pick-ups are more than an exchange of vegetables. With live music and other cultural events, an earthen oven firing flatbreads, and frequent potlucks, pick-up days are festive and fun for the family. Come wander through our village garden, feast with neighbors, and leave with your garden delights! Fable Farm grows/produces: Fruit and Nuts: Melons Vegetables: Beets Broccoli Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Carrots Cauliflower Corn Cucumbers Eggplants Fresh Beans Garlic Kale Onions Peas Peppers Potatoes Pumpkins Salad Greens Sprouts Summer Squash Tomatoes Winter Squash Plants/Herbs/Seeds: Culinary Herbs Medicinal Herbs Meat: Beef Farm Services Available: Products for sale on Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm tours with an appointment Overnight Farm Stays We welcome visiting school groups.
6247 Rt. 12, Barnard, VT, 05031


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