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Ray Family Farms

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About Ray Family Farms

Produces Animal Welfare Approved beef, pork, and chicken eggs. Please visit the website ( or call 919-422-1372 to place an order or make an appointment to visit the farm. Ray Family Farms raises pastured AWA beef cattle, pigs and laying hens in Louisburg, NC. Farmer Chad Ray feels honored to be associated with AWA, explaining, “By being an AWA approved farm, we can show potential customers all over the world the same thing by proudly presenting our AWA logo. There’s a powerful brand being built upon everyday by AWA farms. We are proud to serve ourselves, our customers, our animals, and our creator by being a part of such a fantastic organization.” The farm’s holistic philosophy extends throughout the farm, and to its customers. Ray says, “All God’s creatures are important here - including canines and felines that find a home here, the fish in our ponds, the fowl in the sky and on the ground, and the wildlife for whom we grow native food plots. We share these blessings with friends, family, and many who come as guests and leave as friends.” Ray continues, “This farm has given us both opportunity and responsibility to take care of it and to use it wisely at its ‘highest and best value.’ The result of 25 years of ownership and careful husbandry is an incredibly beautiful place filled with thriving animals, fresh wholesome produce, eggs and meats, beautiful flowers, and much more. Ray Family Farms encourages visitors by appointment and enjoys sharing its bounty straight from the farm. Visit for more information.
6913 Pearces Rd., Louisburg, NC, 27549


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