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Singing Frogs Farm


About Singing Frogs Farm

Singing Frogs Farm is blessed with a beautiful piece of land in the Atascadero Creek valley just north of Sebastopol. They have six spring-fed ponds, filled with joyous frogs for which the farm is named and from which they irrigate their farm. Singing Frogs is a no-till farm that does not use sprays of any kind. Instead they manage their land to ensure diversified habitats for pollinators and beneficial insects throughout the farm so that their land and crops benefit from the gentle, caring touch of Mother Nature. Singing Frogs Farm has over 3 acres of diverse vegetable crops, growing for their CSA and an abundance of flowers. They also raise hens for eggs, a flock of Woolies, and have two orchards with apple, pear and various pit fruit trees. There are also 200 established blueberry bushes plus blackberry and raspberry plants around the property.
1301 Ferguson Road, Sebastopol, CA, 95472


Call or visit website for hours.

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