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Tree of Life Gardens


About Tree of Life Gardens

Tree of Life CSA is a young family farm centered in beautiful southwest Wisconsin. Our focus is on sustainability and deep organic practices. We are very proud of our commitment to chemical free farming with a focus on truly healthy vegetables and fruits. We have over one hundred and fifty fruit trees, mushrooms, and lots of fresh produce. We offer two produce box sizes: a full box, containing enough fresh produce to sustain about 4-5 adults with organic goodness, and a half box, feeding about 1-2 adults. Our boxes contain a large variety of produce, including staple vegetables such as onions, garlic, and potatoes, and tasty treats like mushrooms, berries, purple carrots, and melons. Each week becomes an adventure in local eating! Many customers in the past have split their box share with another family or friend. This way picking up the box can be easier and each member can choose which vegetables and fruits they prefer. Many people enjoy this and make the event a fun weekly tradition. We love to get familiar with our customers. One of the greatest joys within this program is when we get to know the people who share our harvest.
232 Kirkwood Road, Cuba City, WI, 53807


Call or visit website for hours.

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