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The Vertical Farm


About City-Hydro

City-Hydro takes fresh produce to a whole new level. Their boutique greenery, located in Fells Point, supplies local restaurants, small local grocery stores, farmer’s markets and consumers with the finest quality heirloom varieties of microgreens, petite greens, exotic herbs and edible flowers, all of which are 100 percent pesticide-free. City-Hydro's cutting edge innovative in-hydro and aquaponic technologies allow City-Hydro to grow super healthy plants in a completely-controlled, self-sustainable environment. Plants are raised using an aquaponic system under LED lights, listen to Zen mantras, and are nurtured in a totally stress-free environment. City-Hydro "The Vertical Farm" living microgreens, petite greens, exotic herbs and edible flowers are delivered to customers with roots attached to insure freshness - either in "Living Trays" or retail packaging. Their produce stays fresh in their easy-to-maintain living trays for days. Untouched plant roots keep City-Hydro's plants alive and ready to be harvested on demand truly "Farm to Fork."
505 S. Patterson Park Ave. , Baltimore, MD, 21231


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