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Callywood Farms


About Callywood Farms

"Our 15 acres is mostly wooded, aside from our small pasture where the Freedom Ranger meat birds live. Our laying hens have full access to the pasture, though they choose to spend most of their days foraging the woods for bugs. Our pigs live on 4 acres of wooded land, which not only keeps them cool during the hot summer days, but provides them with an abundance of flavorful acorns during the fall finishing season," says owner BJ Callahan.

Maintaining close, hands-on and attentive management is a fundamental part of the Callahan's high-welfare, pasture-based animal husbandry practices. "As a family operation, everything involved in the care of the livestock is done by us and by hand. We raise animals as an extension of the way that we want to eat as a family, so we go to great lengths to ensure the well-being of the animals and to feed them the best possible natural diet. Pasture-based management leads to better tasting, more nutritious and ethically-raised meat and eggs," says Callahan.

129 Greenfield Rd., Westminster, SC, 29693


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