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324 S. Academy St.
Owner, Tammy Calaway-Harper remembers from her childhood all the fresh flavors of nature's bounty at harvest time growing up on a farm in rural Ohio....
open now:
8am – 9pm
8.98 mi away


Chipotle Mexican Grill
100 Wrenn Drive
Chipotle's "Food with Integrity" is their commitment to finding the very best ingredients raised with respect for the animals, the environment, and the farmers. They're...
View website for hours
9.82 mi away


Patrick Jane's Gourmet Pizza Bar
1353 Kildaire Farm Rd.
Patrick Jane's brings local farm fresh ingredients to guests with a totally unique approach. They believe a fresh, simple, down to earth philosophy is what...
open now:
11:30am – 10pm
9.96 mi away


16 E. Martin St.
Bittersweet is a dessert, coffee and cocktail lounge with a seasonal menu. It's a place where you can get bourbon with your pie, champagne with...
open now:
5pm – 2am
5.30 mi away


Yellow Dog Bread Company
219 E. Franklin St.
Yellow Dog Bread Company is a bakery founded by Tanya and Matt Andrews of Raleigh. Though it's named after their beloved dog Ellie (a yellow...
open now:
7am – 7pm
4.41 mi away

Chefs & Caterers

Pullen Place Cafe & Catering
520 Ashe Ave.
Pullen Place is a unique cafe committed to providing fresh, seasonal, delicious food in the heart of Raleigh’s newly renovated Pullen Park. Fresh ingredients so...
closed for the day:
11am – 5pm
5.22 mi away

Beer, Wine and Cocktails

Busy Bee Cafe
225 S. Wilmington St.
Busy Bee Cafe is a small Pop and Pop business, that supports local and organic products whenever possible. They feature a coffeeshop that is open...
open now:
11am – 2am
5.27 mi away


Organic Festival
5951 Poyner Village Pkwy
Organic Festival is a 100 percent organic restaurant serving new American soups, salads, sandwiches and stews. All sauces and dressings are made in-house from scratch, and...
View website for hours
4.33 mi away


Laurel Branch Gardens
3017 Coley Rd
Laurel Branch Gardens is located between Raleigh and Durham on the twelve remaining acres of an old tobacco farm. They primarily produce salad mixes, arugula,...
View website for hours
8.47 mi away
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